Community Association Law

Hagood & Garvey currently serves as general counsel to over 20 homeowner and condominium owner associations throughout central Florida. The firm represents the associations with regard to many different issues, including but not limited to:

  • Prepare and filing amendments to the governing documents
  • Create and implement of rules and regulations
  • Draft collection policies
  • All aspects of collections including notice of intent to claim of lien letters, prepare and record liens, notice of intent to foreclose lien letters, lien foreclosure, enforcement or rules, regulations and covenants, rent demand letters, estoppel letters
  • Defend the association with regard to the safe harbor provisions of Florida Statute 720.3085 & 718.116
  • Attend general and annual meetings upon request
  • Represent/defend the association with regard to any election or recall thereof
  • Review vendor contracts on behalf of the association

Please contact our office for a flat fee schedule for the above referenced services.

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