Residential Real Estate Closings

At Hagood & Garvey, we are not only a full service law firm, but also a full service title insurance agency with a focus on professionalism and client service.

Let our closing team assist with all of your real estate transactions from start to finish, not only providing you with an effortless closing experience handled by knowledgeable and diligent Attorneys and Paralegals, but doing so at the same or better cost as with a non-attorney title agent.

Our Attorneys have acted as the closing and escrow agent in numerous residential transactions as well as in many multi-million dollar commercial transactions and our closing team of Attorneys and Paralegals has over twenty-five years combined real estate experience. If you select us as your closing agent, we will gladly review your contract at no additional charge.

Please contact our office for a rate schedule of title insurance premiums and related closing costs.

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